Q: Can I do automatic bidding? A: Yes. To do a proxy bid, simply enter the highest amount you would like to bid on the item. If no one else has bid higher than you, you will be winning the item at that amount. The computer will automatically bid up to your proxy bid amount for you if someone is bidding against you. If two bidders have bid the exact same amount in their proxy bid, the person who bid first would win the item. Once you have entered a proxy bid, and are winning an item, you will not be able to increase that proxy bid UNLESS someone else bids higher than you.

Q: Would Med-City Auctions work with my organization for a charity auction or fundraiser auctions? A: It would be an honor to work with your organization or charity to assist the community. Please contact us for further details.

Q: Can I pickup items I won on days other than the scheduled pick up day? A: Yes, just make arrangement with us via email or phone BEFORE the pick up day. We often schedule other pickup times but obviously prefer if you could make the scheduled time.

Q: Will you sell just a few items for me or do I have to have enough for a whole auction? A: We sell anything from one item up to an entire estate. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What do you do with items that don’t receive any bids? A: Depending on the item, we generally donate it to a non-profit organization or return to the owner.

Q: What happens when an item is not picked up. A: We make every possible attempt to make contact with the winning bidder, although at times we are unsuccessful. If we can’t make contact with the winning bidder, we will re-list the item.

Q: How do I sell my items with Med-City Auctions? A: We have monthly consignment auctions. Please contact Med-City Auctions at medcity@medcityauctions.com or by calling 507-251-3756 to make arrangements to have your items sold on Med-City Auctions!